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Taigen, like Megan

a T, like Tom.


Loving my FANCY hat from _ibeniboutique

""Give yourself more opportunities for privacy, when you are not bombarded with duties and obligations.


Privacy is not rejection of those you love it is your deserved respite for recharging your batteries."


~Wayne Dyer

my story

I was always getting into my mother’s makeup when I was little. I was fascinated with the stuff, much to her chagrin. My love of skincare and makeup led me down a path that has brought me much joy, discovery, and fulfillment. I love makeup!

My skin, on the other hand, had been the bane of my existence since my first pimple in the 7th grade. I played sick so I could leave school, I was that mortified.


I think a lot of estheticians start with a quest to heal their own skin. I was fortunate enough that my acne didn’t stop with adolescence. It has been super faithful my whole life (insert eye roll.)


That being said, I am well aware of what it feels like to struggle with an imperfect complexion, hyperpigmentation, scaring, and when I hit 40, wrinkles and aging skin (lucky me!)  

While I have been a make-up artist for years, once exposed to the world of esthetics I was hooked! As they say, knowledge is power. I have learned a great deal, not only from my education, but from my experience both personally and in the treatment room. I am more aware of what I put on my body, in my body, and how I treat my body. I have come to love my skin, it is mine and the only one I have.


Armed with the knowledge to find solutions for even the most problematic skin and coupled with a love of nurturing people, I have found a calling and why I wanted to establish Respite Spa.


I’m striving to create a rejuvenating experience at Respite Spa that will leave you feeling better about yourself, whether that’s through a facial service, metabolic peel, make-up application, or simply more confident because you are hair free. 

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